Personalised 12 week Programme

The 12 week programme is intended to make yoga rewarding and enjoyable. To acknowledge the challenges in your body, mind and emotions. It is also the opportunity to learn the science of yoga to benefit your life and possibly, those around you.

Yoga teaches that what keeps us from consistently experiencing ourselves as truth, bliss and consciousness are obstructions, both obvious and subtle. This leads to inner conflicts and unacknowledged suffering, deep feelings of alienation, despair and emotional trauma, preventing us from leading happy and peaceful lives.

The ability to know all parts of ourselves with compassion and self awareness and to maintain contact with Self in the face of all difficult and disturbing events, becomes the balm that quiets the colliding thoughts, eases the hurt in the body and releases the desperate emotions.

In short, Yoga is a science of self-awareness providing health and wholeness.

Each of these 12 week programmes are designed specifically to the individuals needs.

The programme is for one full day per week. The day normally begins at 10:00am through to 4:00pm.